Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nicely Designed UN Commercial

Symbols are important, but they don't fully reflect all the hard work that goes into a peace process. Beyond doves and ribbons, peace is a demanding job for over 100,000 United Nations Peacekeepers.

The first UN peacekeeping mission hails back to 1948. UN military observers were deployed to monitor the Armistice Agreement b/w Israel and its Arab neighbors. Since then, the Blue Helmets have been a driving force behind protecting civilians and resolving conflicts around the world. Guatemala, Namibia, Cambodia-- UN Peacekeepers go to places others simply can't or won't go.

This is what peace really is. It's 60 years of creating chances for peace to blossom. 60 years of overseeing elections and disarming ex-combatants. 60 years of proving that peace, like war, must be waged.

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