Friday, May 30, 2008

space 1026: a quote

"A major thing that folks don't realize is that a community is very important. The only thing that I've ever missed about art school is the community of my like-minded peers(emphasis on the like-minded, because there are a lot of bobo heads in art school). I think that's why a lot of kids go through art school and when they graduate they get all bummed out and don't do shit except drink PABST and whine about how ART SUCKS, because they've lost touch with something very integral to the creative process: A TRUE COMMUNITY, which is very precious. It's a feedback system composed of people who won't bullshit you, because of a mutual love and respect they have for each other's talent and abilities. 

It's not like some teacher in art school with no connection to his/her students, waiting on his/her paycheck, constantly feeding them the line: 'Uhm, yeah...keep going in that's err...good, yeah....' Actually when you think about it, that sounds like an awesome job. A good way to make some weedmoney, nah mean?"

Volume One: Pulling Teeth
Philadelphia, PA

Side note: I am a described perfectly in this quote, along with a few wack instructors.

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