Sunday, November 28, 2010

writings: my futures so bright i have to wear chains

*held on to you when you felt blue
.bonded like glue.
because, yer easy on my mind and i hate to see you drink wine(whine)

*new to my eyes i hustled to a bed side. smashed thru the floor and i pictured a place that was far from strangers.
                  i knew the phone was tapped.
* "speak into the beak"

* listen, i'm hungover and i'm sick of it. stop being a dick, please.

* love will be much better when we bloom, whenever we bloom.

- sassy cat
- sea monkey
-play boy bunny
- weed dog
- an american trail- fievel goes west.(presented by steven spielberg)
-GRIXLY girl

* the day i realized my feet were my eyes...

yer like a bloated dream to me.
liking the inbetween.
hide away till morning.
wake up to shit storming.

* what i would do.i would not be made of wood.
i would do more of what i shouldn't.
you must hear, i will open oil spills.

* black magic babes rise and shine to their mourning meat meals.

* luxuriant logic keeps me limpid.
*keeping my skinjar for the work week.
   get lost in your pleasure, saturday.

*"you guys are just on drugs. we're in ohio. it's flat"
  "i still think we're seeing something cosmic."

* i'll (or i'd) save my legs, ask you to touch. as you wonder about other girls butts. we hurd you say "its okay to touch".

* the clock reads 10'o clock . goodnight.

* told me my drawings were words you couldn't read.
* can't you speak?

*a mail cat.(a household pun)

*we laid there bare, i could smell you smoking my hair.

* "four loko was banned on my birthday"

* get blazed and hide under shades.
*somebody please get jonathan richman a girlfriend.

* "what are ya' a communist in that red hat?"
     "..probably, huh?"

* GINGER & THE GENDER ALES(musical act)
*raspberry jam cake. LET'S RASPBERRY JAM, CAKE.

i will always say : no parents no rules.

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ANDY said...

you know me i'm not really one for wordy stuff, but this is fuckin awesome!