Sunday, November 16, 2008

the unicorns-lets get known!

Say....let's get known
If we keep it up, we'll show the haters
It's gonna be soon not later

Hey! let's get known!
If we work real hard, we can buy some matching clothes
For our live shows

Look at the ants on the floor
They work real hard, lifting 3 times their mass
And sometimes more

So what do you say?
Let's get known
Let's have 3 spotlights shining
With all our work shown

What do you say? it's all on the line..

>>INSPIRING...i wanna get known. I may be having a window display in a small convenient store on the corner of 7th street in downtown PGH. A-thinking up ideas... ohlala. 

Thinking: A Guide to Free Fun in Pittsburgh...? and sum sneariously serious monsters.

>>Upon arrival in Ohio...I leave next Saturday for a month. Keep the big city warm for me while I'm away.


Anonymous said...

im glad were getting some time in cause its been AWESUM fun lately. ill light some matchbooks under the ass of pittsburgh while your gone.

Anonymous said...

also bomb song and album