Saturday, November 22, 2008

sew what?

Making gifts is fun and easy! Placed a few rocks this week and one friendship bracelet. Brightening snowy 'Burgher days is fun and easy!


ANDY said...

GET BAKED, OHIO STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trees Jungle said...

Can I buy an apron? Or trade you something? I can send you my book of logos. Ok it's more like a slick little 'zine but there you have it.
I'd really like to see photos of your placed rocks.

stephneary said...

Yes! I would love to do a trade. I only have the blue one made. But I will be happy to make you a personal one.(I'm saving the blue one incase I forget to give someone a xmas gift.. shh!) Let me know what you would like it to say and any special colors you are thinking of and I will get right on it!

And for photos of my rocks I have some of them up on my flickr page(the link is on this blog) and it is in the set called "get stoned"