Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Have free fun!: a rock story

i painted more rocks a few afternoons ago in my wonderful art room with the mt washington sun hitting my toes. yesterday morning while on my way to work i had a letter to mail a friend and my "have free fun" rock in my hand. put the letter in the blue box and then the pink shiny rock in the fake tree park across from work. i watched it all day while i was downtown and it never moved, until! this morning i looked for my rock and it was gone. thank goodness! i hope someone is enjoying!

(sue neary: december 2007)

my mother got me into painting rocks while i was a little lady in wadsworth ohio, probably a form of "refecting" about the world around me. today, just as everyday, i miss my mom.

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Anonymous said...

And your Mama misses you!!! Let's reflect, shall we?