Monday, July 7, 2008

Patti Smith.. kind of.

Thinking of graduation I wonder... does anyone know how to become a professional drawer? I'd like to draw all day and then give my drawings to people who want them. May I turn in my sketchbooks for portfolio review instead of graphic-puke-sign related jumbo? Someone please guide me to the professional drawing light.


trees jungle said...

I have the solution! It's being a fine artist (which falls in the category of "drawer" as you say) or—to keep it money-making—a commercial illustrator. So my suggestion is to connect to that world via blogs, magazines, etc. Talk to our faculty illustrators too like Mark Bender who does lots of commercial work. In the meantime, all of this stuff having to do with structure, hierarchy, technology and things like advertising—the stuff of graphic design—think of learning the framework for which to house your illustrations and use them as much as possible in your work.

And what you learn about type and design along the way may just positively influence what you love to do anyway.

I've only seen it done once where a student showed her sketchbook alongside her professional portfolio and I it was like a breath of fresh air.

stephneary said...

Thank you so very much for the comment. All your advice always means the world to me!

Funny story about Mark Bender-I hang out with his step son sometimes and I went to his parents house one night and walked around Mark's house looking at all his beautiful paintings hung around his shabby-chic house. It was a trip! I snuck a camera phone photo of a painting. Ha!

Again, thank you so very very very! much!

jes ha ka said...

be the creative gem that you are and go the extra mile, like jungle said, the faculty is sick and tired at looking at the same old bs that over half the kids do,

(i'm putting extras in my portfolio as well.)

Aip Student Success Committee said...
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trees jungle said...

sorry about the above. I accidentally posted under a business account.

just wanted to add another note about your work and why I find it so appealing has to do with your almost nostalgic connection to things of my generation. Maybe your folks' influence?

I just saw the Carnegie International "Life on Mars" show (students can go week 7 at a discount...for $3 a ticket fyi). If you don't know these fine artist/illustrators, check them out: Daniel Guzman and Barry McGee.