Thursday, July 10, 2008

Burning in the summer time

I had a wonderful day. When I woke up I went swimming in the Williams pool and finished "The Strawberry Statement" along with a gnarly sunburn. My mom bought me a new sketchbook, brushes, and pens. Went to lunch with mom and Gigi then I was able to visit my cousins Nadia and Maria for awhile. We played store a lot. We were all 16years old and driving cars because our parents died. I had a lot of over sized 100dollar bills in my purple sparkle bag. We also road bikes around the neighborhood as Maria screamed "I WAS BORN NOT TO WEAR SHOES!" I drew them pictures and they kept telling me "Oh wow you're good at drawing." "How old are you again?" "When I'm 21 I will draw too" I felt the happiest I have in awhile along side those precious little girlies.

This evening I bought myself two records, "Sonic Nurse" by Sonic Youth and "White Heat/White Light" by The Velvet Underground at Square Records in Akron. Watched my pal Chris play a show at a coffee shoppe and enjoyed every minute of it. Ohio's been good but I'll be happy to be back in Pittsburgh Sunday and fall asleep with my main squeeze.

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ANDRO said...

who might that main squeeze be?